Monday, August 13, 2012

Dating Services, Yay or Nay?

What do you think about dating services? I haven't had very good luck with them... The ones I've paid for are Jdate and Eharmony. Hey, if my 75 year old aunt can meet a man on Eharmony, I think my odds are pretty good.

The very first guy I met on Jdate turned out to be a winner, for a while. We ended up dating for about 2 months. Not a great track record but I have to say that while we were going out, I was almost thinking I could marry this guy. I figured out that he didn't feel the same way when he broke up with me by text. We stayed friends (and still are) on Facebook. I see now that he's dating someone again who he told me long ago that her drinking issue was a major deal breaker. Go figure.

There were a few other dates here and there.  I have to preface this next story with I try not to let my kids know about any of my dating habits until if and when it is serious enough for them to know.

There was one loser I traveled an hour to meet. Well, I didn't know he was a loser at the time. The most interesting thing that happened on our first date was that as we were sitting in a beach bar having a bite to eat and some drinks, one of my daughter's best friends walked in. Really? An hour away from home?

The most interesting thing that happened on our second date was that it didn't happen after I drove again an hour to meet him. He didn't have an exact meeting place in mind, and kept trying to get me to go to his friend's house which was another half hour from home. I've read the newspapers. "Single women goes out with guy she met online. Ends up in pieces in his friend's garage."  No thanks. Needless to say that one ended up with me heading home before I ever saw him. That was the end of that "relationship."

The strangest thing to happen with a dating service was matching me up with someone I already knew. I had been introduced to this guy about a year before by another friend who will be the subject of his own blog post some day. Just remember Trivia Guy.

So Trivia Guy introduced me to we'll call him DJ Trivia Guy about a year ago. DJ Trivia Guy helped me out with an event I was putting on. We see each other every couple of months. Not too often. So fast forward to about a month ago. I received a text from him asking if I had seen the ematches yet that day. It took me a long while to figure out what he was talking about. When it finally dawned on me that Eharmony had matched us up, I wondered what he thought about that. We decided to go out and see where it would go. We met for breakfast and had a great time. Talked and/or texted every day for the next week. Then nothing. What the @#$%&?

I think it's time to save my money and take a break from dating services for a while. Tell me your horror or success stories. I'd love the hear them.

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